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Our Top Tips for Planning a Wedding


Sit down with your partner and think about what is most important to you both. Remember this is your day so make it how you want it to be not what you think others would want. Consider what elements of the day you want to remember for years to come.

Location, Venue, Dress.

These are the big three when it comes to your big day. Perhaps you dream of a beach wedding in a tropical location with just your closest friends and family or maybe you have a guest list in the hundreds so finding a location easily accessible and where guests who are travelling further are able to stay may be more of a priority.

The Venue needs to be the perfectly beautiful backdrop to the events of your day. If your planning on being outside make sure there's a plan B if the weather decides to go against you.

And of course the dress, everyone knows how important this is to any bride to be so don't take any risks, find a good local dressmaker who can make you wedding dress dreams come true.

Spend in the right places.

Keeping to a budget can be extremely hard to do when planning the biggest day of your life but on the other end letting the costs spiral out of control is easily done.

Decide where you need to spend your money and what elements are just more of an extra, for instance having a friend with a fancy camera taking your wedding photos may seem like a great way to save a few pounds but hiring a professional and experienced photographer will make sure that those precious memories, that you will look over for years too come, are clear with no squinting faces or out of focus shots.

Add a Personal Touch.

Make your day unique by adding that personal touch that truly celebrates your personalities. Think about your hobbies and interests and how you can tie these in to your day. This could be done through the table names and place cards, or the favours for the guests, or how about instead of a guest book having a canvas picture of yourselves for all the guests to sign.

DIY Pressure.

A fantastic way to take this personal touch even further is to make some one of a kind unique elements yourself; we've all seen handmade favours or name settings... but if you're not the creative type then don't feel pressured into having to hit the local craft shop, there are plenty of companies out there who create beautiful and quirky items for all your wedding needs.

Be comfortable...

So it's your big day and you want to be breath taking in your dress ( and I promise you will be) but keep comfort in mind too when picking your dress. You want to be able to enjoy your day so make sure your able to move around, sit down and most importantly breathe! If your dress isn't the most comfortable outfit in the world, perhaps consider changing for your evening reception or at least have a more forgiving pair of shoes on standby.

Don't Worry about Weather.

Everyone hopes for a glorious sunny day for there big day but even the most organised bride can't control the weather. So don't let it be a concern. Over the years we've been at so many weddings in all kinds of weather conditions, and nothing; rain, snow or even thunder storms, can dampen peoples spirits also these extreme conditions can lead to some fantastic wedding photos.

Keep Some Secrets.

It can be very exciting planning everything for your wedding and it can occupy your every thought in the process but try to hold back telling everyone you know exactly what you have planned. Keeping things as a surprise will make the day even more exciting for everyone and for you when you see their reactions.

Make time to stop...

These are the words you hear again and again from any newly wed, “how quickly the day flew by”, and it's true so make sure you take the time to stop, relax and take it all in. You may have spent months planning every aspect of the day and it can be hard not to take control making sure everything runs smoothly but remember this is your special day. Delegate rolls before the day to the bridesmaids or groomsmen giving them strict instructions on what needs to happen, that way your free to enjoy the fruits of your labour.



Hire a Band..

And oh yeah hiring a fun, lively and experienced band is always a sure fire way to bring your evening reception to life ;)

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