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Can we come and hear the band perform before we make a booking?


We try to play regular public shows throughout the year in either pubs or clubs or at charity events and fetes, to allow people to come and hear us perform. These events will all be listed on our website or alternatively you are more than welcome to attend one of our rehearsals which take place in Bramley, just outside Basingstoke.



Can the band learn special requests?


We love learning special requests as we feel it makes our performance unique for us as well as you and your guests.


As well as learning first dances we have rearranged songs, had drumming brides, singing grooms, choreographed dance routines, matched colour schemes and even dressed up as super heroes!  So whatever your request may be, please let us know and we’ll do our utmost to make it happen.



Can the band provide music during the times they aren’t playing?


We can perform DJ sets before, in between and after our performances, so no need to worry about booking any additional entertainment. We are also happy to incorporate any requests you may have.



Can the band provide stage/dance floor lighting?


We have our own lighting equipment which we provide at no additional charge. We can even match these to a specific colour scheme if you’d like.


Does the band have Public Liability Insurance?


The band is fully covered by a £5M Public Liability Insurance policy and all our equipment is regularly PAT tested.



How long does it take for the band to set-up?


We usually ask for 90 minutes to arrive, load in, set–up, and sound check; During which, 20-30mins involves making a lot of noise to check the sound levels so this is best done when you and your guests are out of earshot.



Can the band arrive earlier in the day to set-up?


In most instances we arrive 90 minutes before your guests are due to arrive. We’re happy to arrive earlier in the day if required but an additional fee would be payable to arrive before 6pm. (this is based on an event starting between 7:30pm and 9pm)



What happens if a band member falls ill on the day of the performance?


We have several musicians who are able to step in to cover any one of us if we fall ill. In the very unlikely case that several of us become ill we have other bands that we strongly recommend that we can arrange to perform in our place (of course only once given the go head by you).



How much space do the band need?


We are very good at squeezing into the smallest of places, I mean seriously you’d be impressed, but a space of approximately 12 x 12 foot would be most suitable.



Do we need to pay a deposit?


To confirm a booking we usually ask for a deposit of £250, this is for your self-assurance as well as ours.



How far are the band willing to travel?


We are more than happy to travel anywhere to perform and merely ask a small amount for expenses on top of our initial fees that we are happy to quote prior to booking.


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